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Liebe schenkt Vertrauen!

Angst will planen und kontrollieren, Liebe schenkt Vertrauen! © Emily-Star


Angst will planen und kontrollieren,
Liebe schenkt Vertrauen!

© Emily-Star

15 Kommentare zu „Liebe schenkt Vertrauen!

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      1. Thank you very much !! Just now I have seen your cry for help from your soul, unbelievable, truth and that is the worldwide characteristic, tradition, of many men against women, or women, or general against weak in the social, intolerance, if that had happened to my sister their husbands are in the grip of violence, there is no more fun, and nei and neimanden had the right, and permission to human and auspurdigen no money on this world makes it happy, your thread was very dark and torn and every time sewing is always weak that should not you do that anymore,
        your breath is full with coming, and fear, though best of all, it helps only one, new environment, good friends, psyologist (woman).
        I would have words with Mr. Sarzzin before parlia- ments with the word social confec- tions, talk (6 minton), and you best the best example the hidden fraun chosen, from property, but there is great personal fighting against domestic violence. Oh my God.
        thank you and a lot of health I wish you, and head high there are still bad fate, please believe me everything will be fine. !!


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